John Wallington – Skipper of ‘Outcast III’

John Wallington has been fishing in Lyme Bay for over 15 years and is a full time commercial angler earning his living catching fish, specifically line caught bass.

Johns passion is the pursuit of big bass caught on rod and line, a sustainable approach where the fish population does not decline over time because of fishing practices.

He is one of the main suppliers to Hugh Fearnley–Whitingshall’s ‘River Cottage Canteen’ in nearby Axminster and ‘River Cottage HQ’ at Musbury.

70% of the boats income comes from landing fish – this is a working fishing boat and John earns his living from catching fish, especially bass – big bass.

Eleven years ago he started angling charters with his boat ‘Outcast’ showing anglers his methods and teaching them the techniques he uses in his daily work.

Experience a day’s fishing with John, one of the UK’s best bass anglers off his favourite marks in Lyme Bay and he will teach you how he catches bass.

Customers get to keep the biggest bass of any species they catch. The rest of the days catch goes towards the cost of running the boat and Johns services keeping the charter fees low.

‘Outcast III’

Boat Statistics

Outcast III Cougar Cat
Engines:– Twin selva x40S (115hp each)
Average speed 16-18 knots.
Licensed for 8 persons (Including skipper)
MCA Safety Code Of Practice Category 2
1x 9″ colour sounder.
Simrad Evo 3 plotter radar and 3d eco sounder with dsc radio and AIS
Fuel – Unleaded Petrol.
Yacht master / Sea fishing unrestricted certificates

Devon Bass Pro Charters in the Media

As featured in Boat Fishing Monthly – December 2010.

‘The BFM team went to Devon for a day out with a commercial rod and line bass angler. Check out this awsome technique for catching wreck–dwelling bass’

Read the article


Devon Bass Pro Charters, Axmouth Harbour, EX12 4AA

Devon Bass Pro Charters operate out of Axmouth Harbour in East Devon on the south coast of England.

This stretch of Dorset and East Devon coastline was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site site in 2001 and is known as the Jurassic Coast.

Devon Bass Pro Charters operate out of Axmouth Harbour in East Devon
The landscape of East Devon and West Dorset is largely unspoilt creating coastal and inland Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Axmouth Harbour is in one of these areas of outstanding natural beauty where the Axe valley meets the sea.

In 2008 the UK Government decided to close–off 90 square miles of Lyme Bay to scallop dredging and bottom – trawling which appears to have stimulated partial recovery of fragile reef ecosystems.

Wreck Fishing

For centuries, Lyme Bay was considered a safe anchorage to shelter during storms. Even in this supposedly safe anchorage many vessels foundered in stormy weather and the sea bed of Lyme Bay is scattered with wrecks both historic and world war I & II.

Shipwrecks attract sea life forming artificial reefs which give shelter to shoals of fish large and small. The smaller fish who seek refuge within and around the wreck feeding off the even smaller marine life are an abundant source of food for the larger predatory fish such as bass, who circle the wrecks hunting for the smaller fish.

An experienced skipper such as John Wallington, who knows the exact location and lie of the wreck, is familiar with the tides, wind and sea conditions can work his lures in the area where his years of fishing here have taught him where the biggest and best fish will be.

This is fishing at its best, hard work cranking the lure through 130′ of water but the adrenaline rush of catching a bass is worth it. On a good day not just one bass, pollack or cod but fish after fish.

Fish Catch Monthly Guide

January:– Closed

February:– Pollack & Ling.

March:– Pollack & Ling.

April:– Pollack & Ling.

May:– Pollack, Cod & Bass.

June:– Cod & more Cod, Pollack & Bass.

July:– Bass, Pollack, Cod & Black Bream.

August:– Bass, Pollack, Cod & Black Bream.

September:– BASS, BASS & more BASS & Black Bream.

October:– BASS, BASS & more BASS & Black Bream..

November:– Bass & Pollack.

December:– Closed.

Boat Fish Caught Records

Bass – 15lb 12oz
Bass - 15lb 10oz

Black Bream – 4lb 12oz

Cod – 22lb – 2oz

Pollack – 22lb 2oz

Blonde Ray – 16lb

Brill – 8lb 9oz

Ling – 20lB 2oz

Turbot – 12lb 10oz

Coal Fish – 7lb 80z

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